Design trends

Notable Characteristics of Custom Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Box (TTSLB)

Design trends

Being one of the most widely used boxing styles; the tuck top snap lock bottom box is very popular among all kinds of business industries. Made of corrugated, flute, or eco-friendly Kraft material, the combination of strong and sturdy design with quality printing makes it a very desirable choice.


In terms of strength, these boxes are stronger than other tuck end boxes but comparatively weaker than Autolock bottom boxes. In comparison with reverse tuck end, roll end tuck front, and straight tuck end boxes, custom tuck top snap lock bottom boxes offer more space.


The TTSLB boxes, also commonly known as 1-2-3 bottom printed boxes, involve a 3-step setup process. The setup or folding of tuck top snap lock bottom boxes involves folding along three parameters. These are depth, width, and lengthwise.

This systematic closing sequence makes up the back and the front, and finally, snap locking the flaps at the bottom of the box. This gives it a firm and sturdy structure, ensuring that the goods packed within are secure and held into position. The entire process simply involves hand folding along the marks indicated on the board.

Custom tuck top snap lock bottom boxes are also customizable according to specific packaging needs. For example, custom boxes can contain inserts to hold vials securely. However, users will need to be careful about how they handle and place the boxes. This is especially necessary if the vials are glassware or fragile and need careful handling.


The advantage of offering better spacing makes these boxes an excellent choice for retail businesses, e-commerce sellers, manufacturers, and other such business categories. They work effectively as food boxes, software boxes, cosmetic boxes, pharmaceutical and medical boxes, toy boxes and retail products packaging boxes. They serve as a great means to obtain marketing and advertising exposure.

Moreover, the snap lock feature in its setup is what makes it a fast custom packaging option. This especially proves to be of great help while handling bulk packaging. Distinctive boxes by style, they serve as a great means to obtain marketing and advertising exposure.


Here are some quick features listed:

  • Easy top loading
  • Involves manual assembly and bottom snap locking
  • Allows efficient sorting of goods
  • Inserts can be incorporated to hold small bottles or vials
  • Offers an economical solution for large volume applications
  • The flat standing display makes these boxes a very neat appearance
  • Availability of flexible customization options
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Safe for all kinds of uses
  • Slit locks or friction fit locks for secure closing

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Regardless of what you need to pack, custom tuck top snap lock bottom boxes always have a neat appearance and serve as the ideal box by industry. You do not have to worry about uncovered bits peeping along the sides, or clustered packing. TTSLB boxes provide enough room to satisfy all packaging needs.