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The Advantages of Using Custom Boxes for Shipping and Logistics

Design trends

Trends keep changing, and people keep adjusting to them. Custom packaging has also become a trend these days. If you also think the same, you might need some corrections.

Because custom boxes can provide you with a bunch of benefits; for example, they can lower your shipping costs. Additionally, they have plenty of other marketing benefits as well. So, let`s have a look at the superior outcomes of custom packaging boxes:

Benefits of Implementing Custom Packaging Boxes

Customer Satisfaction

Providing a pleasant unboxing experience for clients is a surefire method to increase customer satisfaction, and custom packaging boxes are a great way to do this.

Online retailers lack the same "shelf presence" as brick-and-mortar shops, so this is more crucial than ever. Making a good first impression is essential for any online business, and one method to accomplish this is through packaging your products. 

Want to find out more about consumer satisfaction and how to improve the unboxing procedure? Please stop by our weblog. Precisely how are you enhancing the thrill of unwrapping a brand-new gift?

Product Safety/Protection

Giving clients a pleasant experience is crucial, but so is ensuring that their purchases arrive in the same condition in which they were stored. If you can`t guarantee that your product will arrive to clients in one piece, it won`t matter how fantastic your product is or what problems it solves. A bespoke box will protect your merchandise from damage during transport. 

You`ll never have to worry about the security of your goods again if you use custom packing boxes and the Best Packaging Materials That Can Keep Your Products Safe.


IMH Packaging UK`s bespoke packaging boxes are inexpensive. It is because we use cardboard and Kraft paper as packaging materials. Recycling and reusing existing corrugated containers and trees are suitable for manufacturing corrugated, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

Throughout the previous eight years, its industry-wide recovery rate hovered around 90%, and in 2018, it reached 96%. Because of this, not only is it inexpensive to produce, but it also costs very little to recycle. Having custom packaging boxes made can help your company save money, but did you realise it can also increase profits?

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Increased Brand Awareness

Creating unique packaging boxes that are hard to replicate, cheap, and consistent with your brand is a simple way to boost recognition and sales. You can accomplish far more than just raising brand awareness with an inventive, one-of-a-kind design.

Considering a kid`s favourite product, candies, you can become a choice of age. Custom candy boxes can help you put kids` favourite animations on these boxes.

With plenty of customizations available, you can also put a beautiful brand logo on your product`s packaging. Hence, it would become your brand`s identity. So, try using custom boxes with logos and get the word about your brand out there!

Custom Packaging for Retail

Retail packaging that stands out from the competition is one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. There is usually only a short amount of time to establish a good impression on a consumer. Nobody will pick up your goods to examine them further or buy them if it doesn`t stand out from the crowd. Custom packaging boxes can remedy this situation.

It`s first and foremost custom-created for your product and no one else`s. It implies that aesthetics is given some thought. Second, it ensures that you can sell your product in retail outlets.

No longer will you need to be concerned that your product is being misrepresented. Finally, it elevates your goods in the minds of consumers. A customer`s perception of the quality of your goods may be enhanced if it comes in a specially designed box.

Do you have questions concerning custom packaging for stores? By reading our blog, you can find out how using a custom retail packaging solution might benefit your company.

Custom Packaging for E-Commerce

While store-bought packaging has its uses, how may unique packaging benefit an e-commerce venture? The rapid expansion of online retail into a multibillion-dollar industry has prompted many companies to rethink their product packaging and become more adaptable to compete. Ensuring every consumer is satisfied with their purchase is crucial in today`s market. Use custom-made boxes for the most outstanding results.

Using specially designed packaging boxes can help your company make a great first impression on clients. According to research, there is a significant correlation between packaging and perceived value.

Customers will have a positive first impression of your company as soon as they see the bespoke packaging boxes you`ve made. Don`t allow poor packaging to be why your product fails to sell. Reading our blog post, you can learn more about the advantages of using custom e-commerce packaging.

When Is Custom Packaging a Good Fit for Your Business?

In a shipping and logistics system, the most frequent questions remain, "what should be the next strategy?" 

Do you often find yourself stuck on this question? Never mind, but that`s a valid argument, even with yourself. But let`s say we have excellent detail regarding this query. Why not discuss it here mutually?

When Shipping Costs Are Too High

To figure out how much it will cost to ship a package, you can subtract its "dimensional weight" from its "actual weight." When we do the math, the shipping cost comes out to be higher. 

The dimensions of the package and the weight of its contents are used to figure out the dimensional weight. When thinking about dimensional weight, it can be helpful to consider how much space there is in a car or plane. Due to the extra volume, the bigger the box you want to ship, the more it will cost.

Cosmetics are one of the most challenging items to ship. They can deform quickly. But using cosmetic display boxes can lend you a hand for their safe and secure delivery at minimal amounts.

The amount you pay for shipping will depend significantly on your package size. Using standard box sizes could cause you to pay more for shipping than you need to, especially if you send lighter or smaller items in a giant box. You can easily cut shipping costs by custom packing to determine the best size for your shipment.

When You Want to Cut Down on Material Costs

Both the manufacturing and shipping prices get an effect due to packaging`s dimensions. People often post pictures of receiving parcels in an improper form. Shipping a single item like a book, phone, or t-shirt in an Amazon`s standard-sized package is an unneeded and inefficient practise (18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches).

A buyer will receive a package that is primarily filler (95%) and briefly contains merchandise (5%). The padding won`t be a necessity for you anymore.

While it may be cheaper in the short term to purchase generic "one-size-fits-all" boxes in bulk, in the long run, it will be more cost-effective to use boxes that precisely fit each of your items. The amount of packing material, filler material, tape, or other supplies is no longer required with custom packaging.

It will reduce material costs and material waste and promote environmentally responsible shipping practises.

When Your Products Need to Arrive Safely

The most crucial component of shipping is ensuring the safety of your shipment. The worst thing that may happen to consumers is that their delivery comes broken or damaged because of poor wrapping. According to estimates, one in ten packages does not reach the destination in their proper form. All this is the result of improper packaging. Protecting your goods from these potential dangers with custom packaging is possible.

Using custom packaging, you can create a box with the perfect size and shape for your product while providing the same protection level as inside a metal fortress. All necessary filler components, such as separators, blocking, and inserts, are easy to design with the packaging.

In addition to ensuring the security of your items, this also reduces the likelihood that buyers would reject them, demand refunds, or stop purchasing from you altogether.

As an illustration, consider bicycles. Assembling a bicycle requires more than just throwing parts into a package and sending them off. You cannot ship Bicycles in one enormous box but in several smaller boxes. These boxes are a specific fit for the frame, wheels, and other components. It prevents the components from rubbing against one another and the environment, which can cause harm.

Learn more about the packaging solution testing we can perform for your transported products.

When You Want to Stand Out from The Competition

A specific approach to make your goods stand out from the crowd is to have them packaged in unique packaging. You may make your products seem more valuable to your clients and give them the impression that you care about their satisfaction by investing in custom packaging rather than stock packaging.

Consider a general product like lotion. There are plenty of vendors selling this product. But how about selling it in custom lotion boxes? Yes, it can certainly help you stand out from the competition.

If you put effort into producing high-quality packaging for your products, those products must be first-rate. A positive first impression and a memorable unboxing experience are a must. You can achieve this using unique materials and innovative packaging.

IMH Packaging UK and Our Design Capabilities

Shipment boxes tailored to your company`s specifications are what we specialise in at IMH Packaging UK. You can no longer regard your shipment as a box. Get creative about how you may enhance your product now. With our design expertise, we can make your product`s packaging stand out from the crowd.

To ensure that your product is protected during handling, storage, and transport, our design team will work with you to determine the optimal packaging for your product. Together, we can find a way to solve the issues you`re facing. 

We`ll collaborate with you to develop a product outline that stands up to the rigors of the supply chain, can withstand the rigors of retail, and features appealing aesthetics and straightforward instructions to win over buyers.